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NAMOA is the Peak body of the Australian Amusement Machine Industry Representing Manufacturers, Distributors, Site Operators, Private and Corporate Hire, and everything
to do with amusement machines.

NAMOA is Australia's Premiere Amusement Industry Association

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Site/location Agreement Books: (50 duplicate Agreements in a pad)

COST: $22.00 (Includes GST and Postage)

New Members receive a COMPLIMENTARY Book. (To save wastage, it has to be requested).

Delivery Dockets: Delivery Dockets are used for Record of Ownership. Title and Commercials Terms. (Book is A5 – 50 pages in duplicate)

Introductory Delivery Docket Book

$9.90 (includes GST, Postage and Handling)

Additional Delivery Docket Books –

Special Price: $16.50 (includes GST, postage and Handling)

To order – please e-mail:

(Prices may change without notice)


COLOUR in JPEG format

FULL PAGE $220.00

HALF PAGE $165.00


PREFERRED SUPPLIER ADVERTISING $88.00 per financial year.

This includes: The Collector and the Web Site. (The above Prices include the GST). Rates may change without notice.


28 February, 31 May

31 August, 30 November

To order – please e-mail:


A lot of discussion has been had regarding the quality/price of prizes that are on offer in Prize Redemption games and the feedback from customers is that young children are ‘seduced’ into playing some redemption games that have major prizes of Playstation’s, mobile phones. IPods etc.

NAMOA has re-designed new stickers which are reversed printed and attached to the inside glass of Prize Redemption games, according to the value of the prize.

G Maximum Prize Value $20.00

PG Maximum Prize Value $50.00

M Maximum Prize Value $100.00

MA Maximum Prize Value $200.00

Members are entitled to 20 free stickers, but you must apply for them. Please advise the combination you require. Additional stickers can be purchased by members at $1.10 each, which includes GST, postage and handling.

To order your Stickers please contact Juanita Keegan. Email:


Labels are not available from NAMOA. Go to the Government Web Site Machine Labels can be downloaded from (Classification Markings)