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NAMOA is the Peak body of the Australian Amusement Machine Industry Representing Manufacturers, Distributors, Site Operators, Private and Corporate Hire, and everything
to do with amusement machines.

NAMOA is Australia's Premiere Amusement Industry Association

NAMOA Advantages of Membership

National Amusement Machine Operators Association Limited




If you’re an operator of amusement equipment there are many reasons why you should be a member of NAMOA.  The annual membership subscription will cost you $275 (including GST).  But those dollars will be more than reimbursed when you consider the benefits NAMOA offers.

The first three facilities actually save you money…

1 Distributor Rewards: Your Membership Card will entitle you to differing offers from various contributing distributor members – usually a discount on product, variable from spare parts, plush, used machines and new equipment, etc.  One distributor even pays your one year’s membership subscription if you purchase a new machine.

2 Insurance Rebate: NAMOA has an agreement with a brokerage firm for arranging policies related to both your business and personal needs.NAMOA receives a commission based upon your policy premium which is then shared with you by way of a credit towards your next annual membership subscription.

3 Nomination Rebate: If you nominate a non-member who becomes another new member then you are rewarded by way of a $110 (including GST) credit toward your next annual membership subscription. Credits can accrue.

Three more facilities present benefits of undeterminable value…

4 Website Login: You will have access (Home Page – Login) to many online articles of information specific to the ongoing success of your business.  Other items cover the latest news on current industry issues, upcoming trade shows, technical information, etc.  Also regulatory advice such as OFLC game / age classifications and NAMOA’s redemption game / price per play / age / prize guidelines, and the means to obtain appropriate machine stickers for legal compliance.

5 Business Promotion: If you own a Family Entertainment Centre or have equipment in an arcade type location within another Entertainment Complex then you can advertise that location on this website for free (Home page – Entertainment for You).  Likewise, if you are an Operator on an Income Share basis, do Party Hire or do Sales of  equipment, then advertise your business for free (Amusement Machines for You). Please note some of these new sections are still under construction.

6 Industry Magazine: ‘The Australian Collector’ is NAMOA’s quarterly magazine.  It contains a wealth of industry news and views, plus advertisements, etc, and it’s free.  Delivered as you wish – post, email or download.

 And upon joining NAMOA these further benefits are in the first package you’ll receive…

7 Stationery Items: Included are your Membership Certificate and your Membership Card (both issued annually), our Members Code of Conduct, a Delivery Docket Book** , a Location Agreement Book**, and a Presentation Folder for your use. Also your login details and instructions on how to access further information on all the above benefits.  Twenty (20) Redemption Machine Stickers are also available N/c for you upon us receiving your order for same.  ** These books are issued on request as not all members would have a need for them.

So, are you going to join up?  The Membership Application is just a click away!