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NAMOA is the Peak body of the Australian Amusement Machine Industry Representing Manufacturers, Distributors, Site Operators, Private and Corporate Hire, and everything
to do with amusement machines.

NAMOA is Australia's Premiere Amusement Industry Association

NAMOA Association Objectives

National Amusement Machine Operators Association Limited




1. To establish an industry Association open to membership from all persons and entities that have a business interest in coin operative amusement equipment in Australia.

2. To secure for members the advantages of unified action for the betterment and advancement of the industry.

3. To impose and collect from all members any subscription, fee, levy or funds for the purpose of carrying on or furthering the Association’s objectives.

4. To promote and protect the business operations of members.

5. To devise ways and means of improving the operating conditions of members.

6. To expose any known new or pending law or regulation of any Government body that may be pertinent to the business operations of members.

7. To engage professional legal assistance where it is considered an arising circumstance may be of significance to the business operations of members.

8. To make, alter or revoke lawful rules, regulations or by-laws for the betterment and advancement of the Association.

9. To expect members to comply with the Association’s Code of Conduct and the applicable laws of Australia.

10. To discourage, inhibit or expose dishonest and undesirable practices found to exist within the industry.

11. To encourage members in business competition to maintain a fair standard of quality service to their clients and the general public.

12. To support and maintain the growth of friendly discourse among members and to encourage fair settlement of any contentious issue.

13. To co-operate with any organisation, entity or person where it is considered such co-operation would assist the Association’s objectives.

14. To affiliate, join or merge with any other association or organisation where it is considered by the majority of members that such action would benefit the industry.

Members who do not respect the Association’s Objectives may face action under the Association’s Articles of Association.