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NAMOA is the Peak body of the Australian Amusement Machine Industry Representing Manufacturers, Distributors, Site Operators, Private and Corporate Hire, and everything
to do with amusement machines.

NAMOA is Australia's Premiere Amusement Industry Association

Association’s Objectives

Objectives of the Association

The objects for which the Association is established are:

  1. 1. To promote and safeguard the interest of Amusement Machine Operators for the betterment and advancement of the Amusement Machine Operating Industry in Australia and elsewhere.
  2. 2. To encourage a high standard of quality and service to the public of Australia from members in fair competition.
  3. 3. To settle differences and support and the maintenance and growth of friendly discourse amongst members.
  4. 4. To devise ways and means of bettering the conditions and advancing the interest of the trade and in general, to do such other lawful acts as may be found necessary or desirable.
  5. 5. To take concerted action as one body in matters affecting all members and without limiting the application of this clause, to in particular, prepare statements of case in such matters as Statutory Regulations, Arbitration Court and Award Submissions, Taxation, Customs and Tariffs.
  6. 6. To make, alter, vary or revoke in whole or in part insofar as it may be lawful, rules, regulations, or by-laws for the observance of any matter or thing coming within the ambit of the objects of the Association.
  7. 7. To discourage and where appropriate to take concerted action to inhibit and/or expose dishonest and undesirable practices at any time they are found to exist within the Industry.
  8. 8. To impose and collect, from any member or members of the Association, subscription, funds, levies, or other monies for the purpose of carrying on or furthering the objects of the Association.
  9. 9. To co-operate with any organisation, company, person or persons in Australia or elsewhere if, in the opinion of the Association such co-operation will benefit the Association or assist in the fulfilment of the objects of the Association.
  10. 10. To join, co-operate, affiliate or merge with any other association or organisation in Australia or elsewhere if in the opinion of the Members such action would benefit the Association or assist in the fulfilment of the objects of the Association.
  11. 11. To secure to members all the advantages of unity of action to protect them in all matters affecting their interests and to do all or any of the things which may be considered as being for the betterment of the Industry.